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VVC 2015
thuvia maid of mars
Oh, hey, I should probably mention that I'm going to VVC this year. Let's hang out!

I haven't been in much of a mood for vids this year, but I'm hoping VVC will change that. It usually does.

In the meantime, also please rec me vids for:

Agent Carter*
The 100
The Legend of Korra
Orphan Black
Penny Dreadful

and also possibly:

Parks and Recreation
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Recs for new vids about my eternal loves (Buffy/Angel, The X Files, Terminator: SCC, etc.) also welcome.

* Unless they focus on any of the white dudes except Jarvis, because I just don't care. Sorry, fans of the other white dudes! I totally support your interests. I just don't share them.

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Yay, Vividcon! Come hang out with me. :)

I didn't know you were watching all those comedies! I just mainlined Kimmy Schmidt this weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly, and would love to see vids about it. This also reminds me that I need to catch up on The 100. For some reason, I've been stuck at the end of S1 of that for *months* and S2 is still not on Netflix. I actually have the S2 downloaded on computer, but Netlix streaming spoiled me, and now I get all irritated if I have to watch something on my computer. Heh. ANYWAY! VVC can serve as an impetus for me to finally catch up. :)

How is S2 of Penny Dreadful, btw? Will it push my DNW buttons like parts of S1 did? Hmmm.

I want all the Vonnie time!

The comedies is all due to you and Minnow, in a way. You were so enthusiastic about Brooklyn 99 that I had to try it, and even though it didn't work for me, it primed me to fall for all the Parks and Rec discussion when the show ended. I marathoned Parks and Rec, Better Off Ted, Kimmy Schmidt, and Community all over the past two or three months. Dramas are still where my heart is, but I am newly open to comedy. Who knew?

The marathoning really helps. It lets me build up an attachment that I can't manage in 22-minute chunks.

I think Penny Dreadful S2 would be less squicky for you than S1, but I'm not sure it would be enough less squicky to be worth it. There's still a lot of torment of Vanessa, but much less physical agony and she's in much more control over the season.

I did like the season, though maybe not as much as S1. Eva Green continues to be amazing, Victor continues to be horrible and yet interesting, Billie Piper finally gets something to do, they finally figure out what to do with Dorian by the end of the season, and Caliban even whines a little less. (A little.) And Helen McCrory is great as the season antagonist. (Sembene's lot, sadly, does not improve.)

That said -- the tension driving the first season was Vanessa and Malcolm, and the tension driving the second is Vanessa and Ethan. Although Josh Hartnett ultimately did much better than I ever expected, I don't find this relationship as thrilling or twisted as the Vanessa and Malcolm conflicts. Green and Dalton spark off each other so well.

There's also a scene in the finale that was so incredibly melodramatic and over the top that I laughed.

Anyway: Did like, don't regret seeing, will probably get the season set, but if I ever resume work on my Vanessa vid, I may stick to S1 source. Though that's less a judgement on aesthetics than having developed the vid for S1's arc.

Isn't Parks and Rec fabulous? While I've been more fannish about The Office and Community for various reasons, I think P&R turned out THE strongest network comedy in the last decade, full stop. You've seen Sisabet's Leslie vid, right? (Set to "Fly") That vid always makes me choke up. Sisabet also made several excellent Community vids, although they're now quite a few years old.

Better Off Ted, oh man. The "Racial Sensitivity" episode in particular is perfection in a bottle. And it was only the second episode! If only it was allowed to live longer...

Thanks for the insights into S2 of Penny Dreadful! I have a handful of media I mean to finish before VVC, but after that, I may give this one a gander.

I forgot to follow up on The 100! Since you got to the end of S1, you hit the good stuff. And it gets better! I think S2 is partly the process of shedding even more of the CW relationship stuff, which clearly didn't interest the showrunners as much as, well, anything else, given how shallow they were compared to everything else. (I am a huge Bellamy/Clarke shipper but am inclined to hope they never become canon. I been burned, man.)

Parks and Rec! I have not seen ANY of the vids, because I am so late to the fandom. I have so many feelings! Ron Swanson is my soul brother despite the fact that I find his politics abhorrent. (It would be mutual.) April's misanthropy is amazing -- and her kinda sorta slightly growing out of it due to Leslie and Andy. Andy! Who is the kind of man child who usually irritates me incredibly, but who is so sweet I can't help but love him anyway. And LESLIE. I needed Leslie Knope in my life. The optimism and the energy and the commitment to change and the EXPLICIT FEMINISM. SHE IS NOT AFRAID OF THE WORD FEMINIST. OH, MY HEART.

"Racial Sensitivity" is SO GOOD. I recommended it to someone as one of the few TV episodes explicitly about race that actually WORKED for me.

I actually just finished The 100 S1 last night (I was a couple of eps short of the finale for *months*) and am intrigued enough at the cliffhanger that I might force myself to watch S2 on the computer. :)

Vid Recs!

Parks and Rec:
Sisabet's Leslie vid of my heart, Fly
Such Height's ensemble vid: Uptown Funk

Laura's fabulous Britta vid: Everything Is Wrong
Siabet's Annie vid: Folding Chair
Sisabet & Cappy's Troy/Abed vid: Space Oddity (OH MAN)
Dualbunny's ensemble vid: Raise Your Glass

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