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thuvia maid of mars
[personal profile] chaila and [personal profile] kiki_miserychic asked:

Is there a genre or style you've yet to try your hand at, but really want to?

I'd really like to do the kind of collage/art project vid that [personal profile] newkidfan does, or like vrya used to do (so sad I lost her vids and audio collages in hard drive crashes), where the point is the aesthetic/emotional experience rather than something more narrative. When I first started watching vids (well, and for quite some time after), I didn't really understand them -- they washed over me, they were beautiful, sometimes they were emotional, but I had no idea what argument or narrative they were building. They all felt like an emotional or aesthetic exploration, an audiovisual collage, impressionistic. I miss that. In some ways that feeling is what I am almost always trying to re-create in vids (even if I'm also trying to do something else), but I would really like to do it in a way that makes use of effects and visual distortions and key repetitions, something that creates a heightened dreamlike experience.

The problem is I don't typically have effects-heavy ideas, and when I do, I end up being wrong. I either forget the effects ("Etheric Messages") or I cut them because they're detracting from the vid rather than adding to it ("No Skin").

Actually, thinking about the vid that I'm hoping will be in this vein, it's less about the special effects than mood.

Is there a genre or style you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole?

I've already ending up making types of vids I never expected to, so I would never rule anything out. But there are some kinds of vids that aren't particularly suited to my interests or strengths, and/or that I just don't get ideas for:

I'm pretty unlikely to do a movie trailer vid, because they don't usually have the kind of emotion or character introspection that I want. This is also a disconnect for me with most multifandom vids, and also reviewing all that source exhausts me just to think about. There is one multifandom vid I'd like to make, though, so ... maybe.

I'm pretty unlikely to do comedy, because it's so hard.

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