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Vidding meme: Revisiting the past
thuvia maid of mars
[personal profile] frayadjacent asked: If you were to revise one of your older vids from start to finish, which would it be and why? and Point to a section from one of your favorite vids you've made and explain why you're proud of it.

Revising an older vid
Ahahaha, this is a terrible question for me. I was horribly tempted by [personal profile] elipie's Take 2 challenge, because I NEVER LET THINGS GO. So even though I already made some changes when I remastered it, I would pick "Low Red Moon."

I wanted it to show people why I loved Ruby and I wanted the vid to look pretty, and I think it does manage both of those things. But I also saw the whole vid as an argument Ruby is having with Sam: Look, people are dying, and if you don't demon up, more people will die, including your brother. And not only does that not get across, the vid moves over to focus on Sam (instead of Ruby's view of Sam) for long periods of time. Part of the problem is that I carried over POV ideas from text, where my favorite POV is a very tight, immersive third or first from inside the character's head. And just showing you what a character sees doesn't work in visual media; to form an attachment to them and to get their reactions, you need to see their face. I would think of it as Ruby looking at Sam, and all the audience got to see is: lots of Sam.

It's still a problem with my vids, but I'm better at correcting it now.

I also could do a lot better with the pacing now. And I could do a lot more of the color modifications I originally wanted -- I was going to desaturate everything slightly except red. I pumped up the red in a lot of individual clips, but I had trouble making the desaturation work properly. The bridge, with all the sepia and red, is the only part that really lives up to the color scheme in my head. (The rest of the vid wasn't going to be sepia. It's just that the bridge looks the way I wanted the bridge to look, and the rest doesn't look exactly the way I wanted the rest to look.)

I'd also planned to do more with the gender politics of Supernatural and associating Ruby with witches, and how women's magic was always demonic or harmful and men's magic was prayer and good, which came with grand plans to make the verses full of circular imagery and the choruses full of more rigid lines. I dropped the political part because it was way too complicated for me to pull off and I dropped the shapes part because I wanted to use circles everywhere. (I always want to use circles everywhere. I love circles. If there is circular imagery anywhere in the source, I will put it in a vid.) Those parts would have to stay dropped.


A section I'm proud of
So, I actually like all my vids. After posting, I go through a period where I think they're great and then I go through a period where I think they're terrible, and then I settle into liking them while recognizing the many places I could have done better. They were as good as I could get them when I posted them. I try to think of all the errors I see now as signs of how much I've learned rather than signs of how badly I failed. This does not go well for any other part of my life, but I manage it for writing and vidding.

Since I mentioned a small percentage of the things that are wrong with "Low Red Moon", I still really like the bridge (2:41-2:59). It was the first part I put down (the bridge is frequently the first part I put down), and I love putting in all the deals with demons, and all the circles, and all the red.

(I might cut it a little differently now; it's a little overcrowded and I could use the beats to emphasize things as well as just cutting points; but I AM LETTING IT GO.)

I also like the bridge in "Etheric Messages" (0:55-1:09). It uses the rain and thunder sounds well, both visually and thematically, and it is so pretty. As I mentioned in your comments yesterday, I really like dissolves and composites, because creating new images gives me the same feeling as coming up with a good metaphor. I loved putting together all the images of the worlds colliding (the gate, the book; the Twin Towers, the smashing snowglobes, the spilling water).

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