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Vid Amnesty 2018

This year at VVC there were many Supernatural vids about many different characters and I enjoyed them all, and also Supernatural and I are never, ever getting back together.

So I am declaring vid amnesty on this vid that I haven't actually worked on since 2010, which would have been SO GREAT if I'd finished it while I was still watching Supernatural, I swear.

Content notes: Bright/dark flashes
Password: abandonallhope


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thuvia maid of mars

Things I learned about vidding in 2018

This should probably have gone in the previous post, but I forgot. Maybe I will update it just to have everything in one place.

Things I learned this year

  • Premiere's new color match tool is amazing.
  • Relatedly, color matching can smooth a jarring clip transition.
  • You can use vignettes to subtly change the focus of a clip. This again can help to smooth jarring clip transitions.
  • You can color code source and clips to track useful information.
  • You can stack timelines vertically as well as tabbing through them horizontally.
  • Sometimes video tutorials on video editing are helpful.

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(no subject)

[personal profile] serrico asked: Do you use any tools, like clip notes or storyboards?

The short answer is: I use an outline, markers, markers with notes, sometimes title cards with notes, themed sequences, and a time-tracking spreadsheet.

I used to completely misunderstand the meaning of "storyboard"; I am not visual enough to use them.

The long answer is: Collapse )

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End of an era or something

I guess I should officially announce this? I guess I should officially announce this. I closed down my website last weekend.

I'd already gotten out of the habit of posting fic there as well as at AO3, so all I was using it for was video hosting. I decided to try out the suggestions from [personal profile] absolutedestiny's guide to cheap media hosting instead.

I've since realized that there are a few things I never uploaded to AO3, so I'm afraid anyone subscribed to me there is going to get a volley of notifications this weekend. (Unless it doesn't send out notifications for backdated stuff? I'm backdating everything.)

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Not the Year in Fandom: 2018

November 11 was the ten-year anniversary of finishing my first vid, and sadly I did not manage to post a commemorative vid that day. But I'm a little chuffed to have seen the anniversary, especially because in 2016 I was considering abandoning the idea of vidding altogether.

I am not going to do the full End of the Year fanworks meme, because for the past two years, I have only managed to post one vid per year. (I have managed to post at least a vid per year, though, so I am pretty happy about that.)

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As usual, stealing this from [personal profile] kiki_miserychic:

If there is any question you would like to ask me about any one of my vids or stories, then go ahead! What I meant by a particular clip or sequence, why I chose to highlight that characterization, why I chose that song, what crack I was taking and where you can get some...anything. Anything you might like to know about how I made a vid, I shall do my best to answer. Or any questions about vidding or writing that I can answer in general, I guess. Or we could bring back that vidding meme.

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[Nirvana in Fire] Thousand Eyes (Revised Vividcon 2018 premiere)


password: meiling

Summary: Undo this storm. (Revised from the version that showed at Vividcon 2018.)
琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire | Lángyá Bǎng
Music: Of Monsters and Men
Length: 3:58
Content notes: Genre-typical violence, suicide

ElsewhereAO3 | DW | LJ | Tumblr

Download: m4v 1920x1080 (172MB, subtitles included) 

Other notes:

  • I owe [personal profile] giandujakiss, [personal profile] laurashapiro, and [personal profile] rilina many many thanks for beta, and so many people a debt of gratitude for cheerleading that I'm afraid I've forgotten someone: all of the above, plus [personal profile] ellen_fremedon, [personal profile] meganbmoore[personal profile] sol_se, and [personal profile] springgreen</user></user></user></user></user></user></user>.

  • Seriously, I'm afraid I've forgotten someone. If it was you, please remind me!

  • You can watch Nirvana in Fire here.

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Skygiants, "Our Ghost" (Chicago Typewriter vid)

Hello! I picked [personal profile] skygiants' Chicago Typewriter vid, "Our Ghost", to discuss in one of the In-Depth Vid Review sessions for Vividcon 2018. The audience at In-Depth assured me that this is a good recruiter vid even without context, so maybe you should watch it without context first. And then you can read this and watch it again! It’s a great vid, you can watch it more than once.

I tried to narrow down the context to what was most relevant to the vid, so this summary both leaves a lot out and spoils some stuff revealed fairly late in the series. [personal profile] skygiants’ own summary includes a lot that isn’t here and leaves out some that is. (I’m still surprised the vid doesn’t include the adorable dog, to be honest.)

Despite valiant efforts by [personal profile] absolutedestiny and [personal profile] heresluck to save me from my own lack of preparation, I was unable to show the helpful visual aids I had prepared. Therefore, I am inflicting them on you now.

Collapse )

Collapse )

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thuvia maid of mars

[UnREAL] Festivid - Wriggle

Title: Wriggle
Fandom: UnREAL
Music: clipping.
Length: 2:20

Summary: Wriggle like an eel.

Notes: For [personal profile] anoel for [community profile] festivids 2016. Many thanks to [personal profile] chaila and [personal profile] springgreen for superfast beta at a superinconvenient time. ♥ ♥ ♥

Content notes: Migraine triggers (flashing images, sharp contrasts, jerky motion), violence, misogyny, mental illness, emotional abuse, eating disorders, suicide.

Password: Festividz!

Download: mp4 1920x800 (107MB) | mp4 960x400 (33MB) | Subtitles

Elsewhere: AO3 | DW | LJ | Tumblr

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